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Table 1 Scales with sample items from the student version

From: Class- and subject teachers’ self-efficacy and emotional stability and students’ perceptions of the teacher–student relationship, classroom management, and classroom disruptions

Scales Number of Items Student version α
SET 4 In the classroom of this teacher, there are a lot of disruptions .87
NON 4 Some kids talk while
this teacher is explaining something
AGS 4 Children kick other children .88
REL 6 I like this teacher .95
CLA 3 This teacher has the overview
about what's going on in the classroom
  1. SET = methodological-didactic setting disruptions; NON = nonaggressive disruptions by students; AGS = aggressive disruptions by students; REL = teacher–student relationship; CLA = classroom management. In the entire questionnaire development, we strived to formulate items as similar as possible in the teachers’ and students’ versions. For the relationship scale, however, far-reaching changes were necessary. Here, teachers rate the classes, while students rate their teacher (e.g., “I like my class” and “I like this teacher,” respectively)