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Table 1 Weekly topics and challenges for the Live More Project Intervention

From: The effectiveness of an online interdisciplinary intervention for mental health promotion: a randomized controlled trial

Week/topic Daily challenge Weekly challenge
1. Language and Emotion Offer a genuine compliment Memorise an inspirational text or saying
2. Posture and Regular Physical Activity Spend 30 min of moderate exercise or 10,000 steps 20 min of guided resistance exercises
3. Sunlight and Natural Environments Spend 30 min in an uplifting natural environment Experience a sunrise
4. Social Connections Do something intentional to show you care Forgive someone who has hurt you
5. Positive Outlook Spend 15 min to reflect on three things that went well Write a letter of gratitude to someone and share it with them
6. Diet and the Gut Health Connection Eat eight serves of plant-based food Prepare a high-fibre, plant-based meal with one or more friends
7. Rest Spend eight hours in bed without a device Spend an evening by firelight
8. Stress Management Spend 15 min in a quiet place, relaxing and being mindful of surroundings Take a day off work and a digital Sabbath (going “off-line” for 24 hr to recharge)
9. Signature Strengths and Serving Smart Perform a random act of kindness Use signature strength to perform an act of service
10. Flourishing Continue challenges found to be helpful Continue challenges found to be helpful