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Table 3 Prediction of personality traits based on the psychological variables (trait and state) assessed in this survey by means of machine learning (ML) algorithms

From: How do you feel during the COVID-19 pandemic? A survey using psychological and linguistic self-report measures, and machine learning to investigate mental health, subjective experience, personality, and behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic among university students

Measure x-Features and % of importance for classification of the y-feature
STAI-trait 18.86% 17.03% 13.99% 8.14% 6.46% 5.99% 5.41%
Extraversion Neuroticism STAI-State Conscientiousness Openness Threat perception discrete emotions: neutral Difficulties in social behaviour
Openness 28.68% 10.97% 9.28% 7.27% 6.51% 6.10%  
Difficulties in emotion perception: identifying feelings Worry about mental health Conscientiousness Agreeableness Difficulties in social behaviour Neuroticism  
Conscientiousness 20.85% 15.57% 6.94% 5.49% 5.08% 5.05%  
STAI-Trait Openness Depressive symptoms Attention to bodily symptoms Difficulties in emotion perception: describing feelings Extraversion  
Extraversion 28.74% 15.71% 8.57% 7.00% 5.11%   
STAI-trait Openness Difficulties in social behaviour Conscientiousness Paying attention to bodily symptoms   
Agreeableness 18.10% 8.48% 7.65% 7.13% 6.15% 4.73%  
Threat perception
Perceived changes in valence (negative/unpleasant/positive/pleasant)
Neuroticism Paying attention to bodily symptoms Threat perception:
Discrete emotions: feeling sad
Age Conscientiousness  
Neuroticism 33.23% 21.94% 12.55% 8.25% 7.05% 4.64%  
Threat perception: current anxiety (STAI state vs trait) STAI-State STAI-Trait Difficulties in emotion perception: describing feelings Perceived changes in eating behaviour Difficulties in social behaviour