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Table 1 WHODAS 2.0 12-items version & WHOQoL-8 Instruments: Items and domains

From: Adapting World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 for Nepal

A. WHODAS 2.0*
WHODAS Items WHODAS domains
In the last 30 days, how much difficulty did you have in:  
S3. Learning a new task, for example, learning how to get to a new place? Cognition (Understanding and Communication)
S6. Concentrating on doing something for ten minutes?
S1. Standing for long periods such as 30 min? Getting around (Mobility)
S7. Walking a long distance such as a kilometer [or equivalent]?
S8. Washing your whole body? Self-care
S9. Getting dressed?
S10. Dealing with people you do not know? Getting along with people
S11. Maintaining a friendship?
S2. Taking care of your household responsibilities? Life activities (Activities at home, work, and school)
S12. Your day-to-day work/school?
S4. How much of a problem did you have in joining in community activities (for example, festivities, religious or other activities) in the same way as anyone else can? Social participation
S5. How much have you been emotionally affected by your health problems?
Items in the WHOQoL-8 scale QoL domains
1. How would you rate your quality of life? Global
2. How satisfied are you with your health?
3. Do you have enough energy for everyday life? Physical
4. How satisfied are you with your ability to perform your daily living activities?
5. How satisfied are you with yourself? Psychosocial
6. How satisfied are you with your personal relationships?
7. Have you enough money to meet your needs? Environmental
8. How satisfied are you with the conditions of your living place?
  1. *Reproduced with permission from WHO [39]