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Table 5 Summary of reliable change and clinical change

From: A randomized controlled trial of a six-session cognitive behavioral treatment of emotional disorders in adolescents 14–17 years old in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

 SMARTa, b, cWait list
Clinical and reliable change1117.7%35.8%
Only clinical change914.5%35.8%
Only reliable change11.6%00%
No change4166.1%4688.5%
Total62 52 
  1. a. Group difference on clinical change vs. non-clinical change: Fisher’s exact test p = 0.013. b. Group difference on no change vs. clinical change or reliable change: Fisher’s exact test p = 0.007. c. Group difference on clinical and reliable change vs. not both clinical and reliable change: Fisher’s exact test p = 0.084
  2. Note
  3. Reliable change = 4 point improvement on the SDQ emotional scale
  4. Clinical change = from above to below cutoff
  5. Clinical and reliable change = both
  6. Deterioration = 4 point increase on the SDQ emotional scale