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Table 2 Demographics and diagnoses

From: A randomized controlled trial of a six-session cognitive behavioral treatment of emotional disorders in adolescents 14–17 years old in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

 TotalWLCDirect treatment
Dawba predictionn% (of 145)n% (of 65)n% (of 80)
Only anxiety3423.41827.71620.0
Only depression2920.01218.51721.3
Depression and anxiety4631.71827.72835.0
Depression and GAD3020.71015.42025.0
Depression and Social phobia2718.61015.41721.3
Depression and specific phobia74.800.078.8
Depression and agoraphobia96.246.256.3
Depression and panic disorder64.146.222.5
Neither anxiety nor depression3624.81726.21923.8
No diagnosis96.257.745.0
Mild (ICD-10)21.423.100.0
Moderate (ICD-10)2718.61015.41721.3
Severe (ICD-10)3926.91218.52733.8
Generalized anxiety disorder3624.81421.52227.5
Social phobia4531.02030.82531.3
Specific phobia2416.6710.81721.3
Panic disorder96.269.233.8
Total n14510065100.080100.0
  1. Notes.
  2. Diagnoses in both ICD-10 and DSM-IV (same algorithm or same number of diagnoses)