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Table 2 Descriptive characteristics and correlations of study variables

From: The relationship between existential well-being and mood-related psychiatric burden in Indian young adults with attachment deficits: a cross-cultural validation study

1. Anxiety2. Depression3. Anxiety4. GSI5. AX6. AV7. EWB8. RWB9. RSWB
 1. Anxiety        
 2. Depression.62**       
 3. Somatization.57**.45**      
 4. GSI.89**.84**.78**     
 5. AX.28**.40**.27**.38**    
 6. AV−.01.01.04−.01.01   
 7. EWB−.12*−.19**−.09−.16**−.22**−.25**  
 8. RWB−.02−.12*−.06−.08−.18**−.21**.49** 
 9. RSWB−.09−.19**−.09*−.15**−.24**−.27**.88**.84**
  1. * p < .05, **p < .01, BSI-18 Brief Symptom Inventory-18, GSI Global Severity Index, ECR-RD Experience in Close Relationships – Revised, AX Anxious Attachment, AV Avoidant Attachment, MI-RSWB Multidimensional Inventory of Religious/Spiritual Well-Being, EWB Existential Well-Being, RWB Religious Well-Being, RSWB Religious/Spiritual Well-Being