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Table 3 Directives of school sand play group counseling

From: The clinical effects of school sandplay group therapy on general children with a focus on Korea Child & Youth Personality Test

DirectivesSessionContents of Directive words
Departure1Imagine departure of the journey of the heart.
Express the feeling freely while touching the sand.
Search (Self-emotional contact and expression)2Close your eyes. Touch the sand. Feel the basic emotions of sadness, joy, pain, happiness, and express them in a sand tray.
3Remind yourself of the events and situations you’ve been through and freely express your inner feelings.
Conflict and struggle4Feel negative emotions such as conflict and struggle and express them freely
5Imagine and express freely the heroes who face difficulties, hardships and adversity
Relationship (Family, friend, school)6Express feelings as you think about your family
7Express your feelings in the sand tray while thinking about your friends and school.
Self understanding and acceptance8Express yourself in the sand tray. (Including past, present, future me, negative me, positive me)
9Recall your sand work you’ve made up until now. Express the center of my heart and treasure.
New birth10Imagine and express yourself in the new me, the future.
  1. Pre/Post test is carried out separately.