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Table 2 Progress of sand play group counseling and contents of program

From: The clinical effects of school sandplay group therapy on general children with a focus on Korea Child & Youth Personality Test

StepProgress of sand play group counselingTime (minute)
Step 1 Intro & promiseIntroduction to sand play group counseling. (Only to talk about “promise together” for group counseling every time and talk aloud)
Do not touch your friend’s work.
Listen to your friend’s work description positively.
Supports and speaks affirmative. (Do not swear)
Close your eyes, touch the sand, use the touch, and get in with the rising emotions. (The leader counselor will guide the subject of the day to a quiet voice)
Step 2 CreateAfter touching the sand a lot and making your own work quiet. (A client who wants to decorate freely and does not want to decorate is sitting quietly, touching the sand, or lying down)15
Step 3 ShareIntroduce your work to each group and share your feelings with your friends.15
Step 4 To classWe promise to keep the story of the meeting during the consultation time as a secret between the members of the group. (Not being late, not being absent, not penalized)5
Step 5 Clean up & recordAfter leaving the client, the counselor observes the client’s activities, records the work story, takes pictures, cleans up the work, and holds a counselor meeting with the school counselor.40