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Table 2 Local hope scale items loading and dimensions, at baseline and at 24 months follow up

From: The value of hope: development and validation of a contextual measure of hope among people living with HIV in urban Tanzania a mixed methods exploratory sequential study

Hope Scale ItemBaseline (N = 326)Follow up (N = 326)
Dimension 1 = Affective /positive emotions
 I am Happy0.740  0.802  
 I have peace0.692  0.813  
 I feel I have new strength to move on0.680  0.759  
 My heart is cheerful0.649  0.763  
Dimension 2 = Cognitive positive results of HIV /ART care
 I am satisfied with my progress since I started ARVs 0.749  0.889 
 I believe to follow the advice from my counselor, brings me good results for my health 0.729  0.829 
 All my needs for HIV care that I need for my HIV condition are all met 0.555  0.796 
Dimension 3 = planning and future optimism
 I can reach/meet my goals  0.712  0.833
 I believe in my plans  0.700  0.771
 I can live a long life and continue with my routine activities  0.602  0.846
 Overall internal consistency of the local hope scale0.869  0.958  
 Internal consistency Cronbach’s Alpha for subscales0.8430.7780.7890.930.900.92
 Total Variance explained45%13%10%64%20%10%
 Total variance explained69%  93%