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Table 4 Enablers to physical activity participation

From: Perceived barriers and enablers to physical activity participation in people with Alopecia Areata: a constructivist grounded theory study

Themes Female Male
Psychosocial—Acceptance of the condition I had accepted the condition. That helps mentally and I am going really well with it, but when it was at worst and it has been up and down and it’s hard. It’s hard to cope with it, but now I have it for 3 years and I am sort of used to it now
(Amanda, TI)
I have to go through 16 years of bad and negative mental processess to overcome this condition
(Betty, FG)
It is sort of also your internal battle with Alopecia. That’s where you must accept yourself and the condition. You can go around and swim bald, but do you want to swim bald? No. So, that’s the inner battle that you must go through yourself and when that time comes if it comes and I will do it (Katty, FG)
I will put the hat on and try to not be seen and it shouldn’t' t be that way. It should be going out there and this is me. I am quite there (Katty, FG)
Now I am comfortable enough to go out and hang around without a wig even though it had taken a while to be comfortable. I need to do PA to feel better, so I have reached that point where I am not bothered by the environment and what people are thinking (Jane, TI)
I had accepted that condition that helps and mentally and I am going well with it, but when it was at worst and it has been up and down, and it is hard. I am quite active now (Amanda, TI)
I came to terms with that a little bit better within myself, the motivation just came back, so I do all of those things now (Betty, FG)
The psychological site of it is huge. It took me 20 years to get my head around. It took me a long time to where I am now. (Charlie, FG)
Psychosocial- Social Media and support group I’ve met my psychologist on that support group, and I have met few other people through that and then that has helped me just to get out there and be a bit more social. That’s a start and then that can transfer to PA (Casey, FG)
I wouldnt quit exercise because that is what i something I always do and my family is very supportive of that (Jane, TI)
I have got my wife. She is very fit. She motivates me more than self-motivation (Andrew, TI)
I think easier to participate in a group where you are with peers of similar condition. If I were to be in group exercise and all the people have AA, I think it’s good, so more likely you will feel more comfortable being around that sort of people (Andy, TI)
Building resilience from young age Having that mental resilient despite the visual difference from young is important and the impact AA on the PA participation later in life may be wont be so profound as it was for me which I am trying to make up from my 20 s because I dont have that resilience. So start it from young if they have it from young
(Betty, FG)
Self-Motivation I am very susceptible to be very down and I have been listening to a podcast and its empowering. It makes me less worry about what people think. I think it is motivating. It works for me (Casey, FG)  
Degree of hair loss I do not have barriers now because my hair loss isn’t that much, but I think to cope with it pretty well because I tend to change my hairstyle and stuff like that to cover the patches. So I hide it (Amanda, TI)  
  1. FG—Focus group
  2. TI—Telephone interview