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Table 7 Correlation between injury severity score and Domains of WHODAS-2

From: The 12 items Amharic version WHODAS-2 showed cultural adaptation and used to measure disability among road traffic trauma victims in Ethiopia

Ser. no WODAS-2 items Cronbach’s α
1. Concentrating on doing something 0.65
2. Learning a new task, for example, learning how to get to a new place? 0.76
3. Standing for long periods such as 30 min? 0.76
4. Walking a long distance such as a km or equivalent? 0.84
5. Washing your whole body? 0.65
6. Getting dressed? 0.66
7. Dealing with people you do not know? 0.39
8. Maintaining a friendship? 0.41
9. Taking care of your day to day activity 0.82
10. Your day-to-day work/school? 0.75
11. How much of a problem did you have in joining in community activities 0.79
12. How much have you been emotionally affected by your health problems? 0.76
13. Overall WHODAS-2 score 0.96