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Table 2 Questions related to socioemotional competence on the NHIS, and equivalent items on other surveys

From: Associations between stuttering, comorbid conditions and executive function in children: a population-based study

Socioemotional competence
NHIS CBCL [78] SDQ [79]
Many worries/often seems worried, past 6 m Worries Many worries, often seems worried
Unhappy/depressed/tearful, past 6 m Cries a lot; Unhappy, sad, depressed Often unhappy, down-hearted or tearful
Gets along better w/adults than children/youth, past 6 m Doesn’t get along with other kids; Compared to others of his/her age, how well does your child: Get along with his/her brothers & sisters? Get along with other kids? Behave with his/her parents? Gets on better with adults than with other children
  1. CBCL Child Behavior Checklist, NHIS National Health Interview Survey, SDQ Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire