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Table 1 Questions related to executive function (EF) on the NHIS, and equivalent items on other surveys

From: Associations between stuttering, comorbid conditions and executive function in children: a population-based study

Executive function
Well behaved/does what requested, past 6 m Gets out of control more than friends; Has outburst for little reason; Acts too wild or “out of control” (on the Teacher form) Acts out of control; Listens to directions
Good attention/completes chores, homework, past 6 m Has short attention span; Has trouble finishing tasks (chores, homework, etc.) Pays attention; Has short attention span; Is easily distracted
Difficulties w/emotions /concentration/ behavior/getting along Has explosive angry outburst; Has trouble concentrating on tasks, schoolwork, etc.; Reacts more strongly to situations than other children, Becomes upset too easily Has trouble concentrating
  1. BASC Behavior Assessment System for Children, BRIEF Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function—Parent Rating Scales, NHIS National Health Interview Survey