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Table 2 Content and the number of sessions for module

From: Transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders in people with multiple sclerosis: randomized controlled trial

Module Schedule Content and the number of sessions for module
One Week 1 Setting goals and maintaining motivation (1 session)
Two Week 2 Understanding emotions (1sessions)
Three Week 3and 4a Mindful emotion awareness (2 sessions)
Four Week 5 and 6 Cognitive flexibility (2 sessions)
Five Week 7 Countering emotional behaviors (1sessions)
Six Week 8 Understanding and confronting physical sensations (1session)
Seven Weeks 9 to 13a Emotion exposures (5 sessions)
Eight Week 14 Recognizing accomplishments and looking to the future (1 session)
  1. The Modules of three, four, five, six, and seven are Core modules
  2. aWeek 3 and week 13 can be deleted based on the 12 session program