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Table 1 GROW model questions [25]

From: The effect of life coaching on psychological distress among dental students: interventional study

Acronym term Description Example questions
Goal The role of the coach is to help the participant identify their goals (SMART) during the session What do you want to achieve in this session?
How do you want to feel afterward?
Reality Examine the reality of their goals
Participant awareness of their present situation
What has happened during the past week?
Did you encounter any problems in trying to achieve your targets?
How did you handle the problems?
Options Look at and assess the available options
Guided to use solution-focused and action-oriented thinking and brainstorming
What is the full range of possible actions in these circumstances?
What are the costs and benefits of taking a particular action?
Wrap-up Draw up a specific action plan
Give the participant direction for what they should do next
What will you do if you find these things are getting in the way?
List some specific tasks and people who can support you