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Table 3 Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficients between the four self-efficacy scales or subscales, and participant characteristics

From: Enhancing our conceptual understanding of state and trait self-efficacy by correlational analysis of four self-efficacy scales in people with spinal cord injury

  1. Abbreviations: MSES total Moorong Self-efficacy Scale total score, MSES-General Moorong Self-efficacy Scale General factor, MSES-Social Moorong Self-efficacy Scale Social functioning self-efficacy factor, MSES-Personal Moorong Self-efficacy Scale personal functioning self-efficacy factor, GSES General Self-efficacy Scale, UW-SES University of Washington Self-efficacy Scale, SCSES Self-care Self-efficacy Scale, SCI Spinal Cord Injury. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01 according to Pearson correlation analyses