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Table 1 Adult child and parent demographics

From: Relational trajectories in families with parental mental illness: a grounded theory approach

Pseudonym Participant Gender Participant History of Mental Illness (Y/N) Parent with Mental Illness Parent’s Mental Illness
Lionel Male Y Father Depression
Claudia Female Y Mother Narcissistic personality disorder *
Gabrielle Female Y Father Depression
Alcohol addiction
Anna Female Y Father Bipolar disorder
Suzanne Female Y Mother Depression
Narcissistic personality disorder
Alcohol addiction
Laura Female N Mother Bipolar disorder
Tanya Female Y Mother Paranoid schizophrenia,
Post-natal depression
Post-natal psychosis
Jenny Female Y Father Posttraumatic stress disorder
Bipolar disorder
Katie Female N Father Paranoid schizophrenia
Evelyn Female N Father Bipolar disorder
Manic depression
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  1. Formal diagnosis was not obtained due to lack of treatment adherence