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Table 1 Example of the analyses of statements from interviews with mothers of adolescents who frequently used analgesics

From: How do mothers of adolescents with chronic pain experience their own quality of life?

Saying Self-understanding Common sense Main themes Theoretical perspective
She complains mainly of headaches and a stiff neck. I compare this with my own experience with pain, which also began during puberty. I remember my mother’s history with pain and my grandmother’s as well. As far back as I know the women in my family have suffered from headaches. I have also been treated, treatment for headaches many, many times. The first time was when I was 11 years old. (018.0030) My child is trapped in the “legacy” of our family history, it repeats itself. I think there is probably nothing to do about this. It seems to be a feeling of powerlessness and loneliness in life. A sense of lack of opportunities for pain relief.
The mother organizes her everyday life from the perspective that she is the only caring and responsible adult.
My child is just like me Significant degree of responsibility and high degree of loneliness seem to characterize the mothers’ thoughts and actions.
These aspects both individually and through interaction, might impair QoL. They might underpin and reinforce each other.
She grew up without a dad …. So, I was alone …. and I denied her [Contact with her dad, author’s note] for various reasons with alcohol. I didn’t trust him. I still don’t trust him. (812.0019) I cannot trust the father of my child. I am anxious that my child might not be well or get hurt. Parenting is a lonely project
… and suddenly it came out then what the problem was … She was actually sexually harassed badly in school. Moreover, it wasn’t just she that was harassed … and I’ve talked to school counsellors and everything at school. (812.0019) I am the only person that really care about my child I am responsible
I have chosen not to have a boyfriend; I can’t see any reason to … I’m not so stupid to believe that some guy would love my kids like I do. I’m not that dumb! (0018.0014) I downgrade my own needs for the good of the child. I downgrade my own needs