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Table 1 Timing of outcomes – parents

From: Family Club Denmark #strongertogether - a volunteer intervention for disadvantaged families: study protocol for a quasi-experimental trial

   T1 T2 T3
Parent measures
 Background Age, gender, language, education
 Family Partner, children
 Mental health Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale
 Self-efficacy From general self-efficacy scale
 Parental stress Parental Stress Scale
 Family conflicts Partner, child
 Family life Leisure activities
 Family routines Mealtime, duties, bedtime, homework
 Network Loneliness, practical help, confidants
 Parenting competences From Parent Behavior Inventory
 Play Play with children
 Screen time Parent
 Family budget Worries, budget
 Satisfaction Participation, network   
Child measures
 Well-being child (< 8) Well-being
 Well-being child (≥8) Kidscreen 10
 Network Friends
 Screen time Mobile phone, computer
 Learning activities Reading, talking