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Table 2 Factor loadings and goodness of fit for the Japanese AELS

From: Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the active-emphatic listening scale

ItemsStandardized loadings
Model 1Model 2α/ω
AELS total  .82/.86
  1 I am sensitive to what others are not saying..458.462 
  2 I am aware of what others imply but do not say..589.596 
  3 I understand how others feel..529.526 
  4 I listen for more than just the spoken words..644.639 
  5 I assure others that I will remember what they say..565.565 
  6 I summarize points of agreement and disagreement when appropriate..547.556 
  7 I keep track of points others make..645.638 
  8 I assure others that I am listening by using verbal acknowledgements..568.459 
  9 I assure others that I am receptive to their ideas..634.657 
  10 I ask questions that show my understanding of others’ positions..579.584 
  11 I show others that I am listening by my body language (e.g., head nods)..552.439 
90 Percent C.I..084–.104.045–.066 
  1. CFI Comparative fit index, TLI Tucker-Lewis index, RMSEA Root mean square error of approximation, SRMR Standardized root mean square residual, AIC Akaike’s information criterion, BIC Bayesian information criterion, and ABIC Akaike’s Bayesian information criterion
  2. ***p < .001