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Table 2 Means, Standard Deviations Cronbach alpha’ s and alpha’ s if item deleted of the ILS

From: Validity and reliability of the Greek version of Implementation Leadership Scale (ILS)

ILS items and subscalesMeanSDaa (if item deleted)
1.Proactive leadership3.070.560.85 
Removed obstacles to implementation of EBP2.990.68 0.93
Established clear standards for implementation of EBP3.090.71 0.93
Developed a plan to facilitate EBP implementation3.150.53 0.93
2. Knowledgeable leadership3.390.570.88 
Is knowledgeable about EBP3.440.60 0.93
Is able to answer staff questions about EBP3.370.62 0.93
Knows what he/she is taking about when it comes to EBP3.370.67 0.93
3. Supportive leadership3.160.800.91 
Supports employee efforts to learn more about EBP3.220.89 0.93
Recognizes and appreciates employee efforts3.080.90 0.93
Supports employee efforts to use EBP3.180.80 0.93
4. Perseverant leadership3.180.660.86 
Perseveres through the ups and downs of implementing3.200.74 0.93
Carries on through the challenges of implementing EBP3.200.72 0.93
Reacts to critical issues regarding implementation of EBP3.140.78 0.93
ILS total3.190.560.94