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Table 2 Performance of the four domains of 19-item modified WHOQOL scale using Rasch model adjustment (sample size, n = 300)

From: Psychometric evaluation of the modified 19-item Bengali version of WHOQOL scale using Rasch analysis: a cross-sectional study of a rural district in Bangladesh

 Data on Validation ProcessSummary of overall model fit statistics for each domain (validation on modified instrument)
LocationSEResidualχ2P value  
 Overall QoL (1)  
 General Health (2)−.0290.090.592.990.25  
Physical domain     Unidimensionality test3.7% CI (1.2–6.1)
 Pain (3)−0.300.11−1.828.420.07Person separation index0.873
 Dependence of medical aids (4)’s Alpha0.881
 Energy (10)1.020.10−0.653.370.49Chi-square (Degrees of freedom)32.13 (20)
 Mobility (15)−1.040.10−0.385.880.20Probability value0.0418*
 Activities of daily living (17)0.080.11−0.768.630.07Items fit residual, mean (SD)−0.17 (1.38)
      Persons fit residual, mean (SD)−0.42 (1.05)
Psychological domain     Unidimensionality test4.3% CI (1.9–6.8)
 Positive feeling (5) separation index0.739
 Concentration (7)0.140.09−0.322.040.73Cronbach’s Alpha0.746
 Bodily image (11)0.400.100.573.230.52Chi-square (Degrees of freedom)14.93 (16)
 Self-esteem (19)−0.720.10−0.397.150.13Probability value0.529
      Items fit residual, mean (SD)0.08 (0.51)
      Persons fit residual, mean (SD)−0.42 (1.01)
Social domain     Unidimensionality test3.3% CI (0.9–5.8)
 Personal relationship (20)−0.080.13−0.429.510.05Person separation index0.650
 Sexual activity (21)0.630.’s Alpha0.670
 Social support (22) (Degrees of freedom)12.62 (12)
      Probability value0.397
      Items fit residual, mean (SD)0.10 (0.46)
      Persons fit residual, mean (SD)−0.44 (0.92)
Environmental domain     Unidimensionality test5.0% CI (2.5–7.5)
 Security (8)0.960.08−0.501.120.89Person separation index0.753
 Physical environment (9)−0.700.09−0.432.980.56Cronbach’s Alpha0.781
 Financial support (12)−2.310.090.935.700.22Chi-square (Degrees of freedom)22.01 (20)
 Accessibility of information (13)0.370.10−0.785.170.27Probability value0.339
 Leisure activity (14)1.680.100.787.030.13Items fit residual, mean (SD)−0.01 (0.79)
      Persons fit residual, mean (SD)−0.32 (0.96)
  1. Person separation index and Cronbach’s Alpha assess the reliability of the scale: χ2 Chi-square value CI: Confidence interval, SE: Standard Error, SD: Standard deviation
  2. Probability of Chi-square value should be higher than .05, Because the number of items of the physical domain is five, so with Bonferroni corrected p-values for the domain is (.05/5 = 0.01). Any p- value > 0.01 will be considered non-significant at 0.05 level for physical domain.