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Box 1 Individual items in the 19-item modified WHOQOL scale, including domain names and item numbers (in brackets)

From: Psychometric evaluation of the modified 19-item Bengali version of WHOQOL scale using Rasch analysis: a cross-sectional study of a rural district in Bangladesh

Overall quality of life (1)
Satisfaction of health (2)
Physical domain:
Five items
Pain (3)
Dependence of medical aids (4)
Energy (10)
Mobility (15)
Activities of daily living (17)
Psychological domain:
Four items
Positive feeling (5)
Concentration (7)
Bodily image (11)
Self-esteem (19)
Social domain: Three items
Personal relationship (20)
Sexual activity (21)
Social support (22)
Environmental domain:
Five items
Security (8)
Physical environment (9)
Financial support (12)
Accessibility of information (13)
Leisure activity (14)
Item numbers shown in brackets (items 16 and 18 from physical; 6 and 26 from Psychological; 23, 24 and 25 from environmental domains), are deleted from the original WHOQOL-BREF scale.