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Table 2 Measures

From: An early intervention to promote maternal sensitivity in the perinatal period for women with psychosocial vulnerabilities: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

 Baseline Pregnancy, 2nd trimesterFollow-up 1 Infant aged 8 weeksFollow-up 2 Infant aged 9 months
Maternal sensitivity (CIB) XX
Infant socio-emotional development (ASQ-SE)  X
Parental mentalization (P-PRFQ & PRFQ)XXX
Parenting stress (PSI)  X
Parental depressive symptoms (EPDS)XXX
Parental wellbeing (SWEMWBS)XXX
Maternal and paternal attachment (ECR-S)XXX
Maternal and paternal experience of social support (FSS) XX
Breastfeeding attitudesX  
Breastfeeding status XX
Maternal attachment to the unborn child (MAAS)X  
Self-reported previous and current mental illnessX