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Table 6 Bivariate Cholesky model fitting results for EHI and PegQ and comparisons of nested models

From: Prevalence and heritability of handedness in a Hong Kong Chinese twin and singleton sample

 ACE and nested models-2LLdfAICΔLLΔdfp
1Model ACE6796.367675262.36   
2Model AE, drop C6801.797705261.795.433.14
2aModel AE1, dropa12 (a12 = 0)6802.737715260.736.374.17
2bModel AE2, drop a22 (a22 = 0)6806.987715264.9810.624.03
3Model CE, drop A6806.587705266.5810.223.02
4Model E, drop A & C6813.137735267.1316.786.01
  1. The best fitted model is highlighted with the bold font