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Table 2 Mean outcome scores of trial sample at baseline (n = 24)

From: Pilot trial of a group cognitive behavioural therapy program for comorbid depression and obesity

 M(SD)[95% CI](SE)[Omega]Score RangeClinical Interpretation
Psychological measures
 Depression (HAM-D)17.83(6.59)[15.05–20.61](1.34)[0.80]0–52> 17 moderate to severe
 Anxiety (HAM-A)15.96(8.99)[12.16–19.75](1.83)[0.85]0–5618–24 mild to moderate
 Self-esteem (RSES)22.98(5.92)[20.48–25.48](1.21)[0.92]0–3015–25 normal
 Body image concerns (BSQ-34)113.92(34.53)[99.34–128.5](7.05)[0.97]34–204111–140 moderate
Physical measurements
 Weight (kg)111.5 kg(18.50)[103.7–119.3](3.78)   
 BMI (kg/m2)39.39(7.74)[36.11–42.66](1.58)  > 30 obese - class II
 Waist-to-height ratio (cm/cm).71(.08)[.67–.74](.02)  >.63 for men, >.58 for women - morbidly obese
Health behaviours
 CSIRO diet score (CSIRO)47.75(12.55)[42.32–53.18](2.61) 1–100below national average of 59
 Vegetable intakea (CSIRO)3.29(3.41)[1.81–4.76](0.71)  < recommended 5
 Fruit intakea (CSIRO)1.14(1.25)[.60–1.68](0.26)  < recommended 2
 Total physical activityb (GPAQ)2.10(3.07)[.80–3.39](0.63)[0.78] < recommended 2.5
 Overall sleep problems (PSQI)9.33(3.91)[7.39–11.28](0.92)(0.76)0–21>  5 poor sleep quality
  1. a daily servings; b hours per week of moderate + physical activity. Abbreviations: HAM-D Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, HAM-A Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, RSES Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, BSQ-34 Body Shape Questionnaire, CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, GPAQ Global Physical Activity Questionnaire, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Statistics: M, SD, CI, SE, Omega are, respectively, Median, Standard Deviation, 95% Confidence Interval, Standard Error, and McDonald’s Omega (ω)