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Table 1 Training program

From: The effect of transactional analysis on the self-esteem of imprisoned women: a clinical trial

Session 1:Establishing initial communication, Introducing members to each other, and clarifying the study purpose
Session 2:Introducing the initial concepts of the structural analysis: “parent”, “adult “, and “child”.
Session 3:Getting acquainted with the concept of mutual communication: direct transaction, crossed transaction, and ulterior transaction.
Session 4:Strengthening the “adult” and controling the negative aspects of the “parent”, especially the “critical parent”.
Session 5:Explaining about the personality illnesses, providing various examples, and considering the interpersonal exchanges.
Session 6:Explaining time management using different methods.
Session 7:Life minute analysis: Discussing the life formation process, omitting the undesirable events in life, and making decisions applying the “Adult”.
Session 8:Making healthy relationships with others and adjustments to different situations. Increasing intimacy, adopting a healthy state of life, and having conscious control of the Ego states. Discussing and making conclusions about the subject.