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Table 1 Prevalence of PTSD in mothers and their offspring

From: PTSD prevalence among resident mothers and their offspring in Rwanda 25 years after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi

CharacteristicsN%n(PTSD+)PTSD%P1ORP295% C. I
General PTSD prevalence86410026030.2    
 Mother (base category)4325018943.8<.0011  
 Child432507116.5 0.25<.001[0.18,0.34]
Survival status (child and mother)
 Survivor (base category)3464016218.8<.0011  
 In country non-targeted21625536.2 0.25<.001[0.17,0.34]
 1959 returnees30235455.2 0.30<.001[0.20,0.44]
 Offspring*In country non-targeted14834.5194.4 0.440.007[0.24,0.80]
 Offspring* 1959 returnees10825.292.1 0.270.001[0.12,0.59]
 Offspring* mother high exposure11025.25751.8<.0011  
 Offspring*mother moderate exposure21449.63818 0.620.16[0.29,1.34]
 Offspring * Mother low exposure10825.24037.03 1.1.76[0.61,2.03]