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Table 4 Mean values for change on outcome variables (at BEL end and the six-month follow-up), split on the categorical variables showing statistically significant associations with outcomes according to Table 3

From: Predictors of clinically important improvements in occupational and quality of life outcomes among mental health service users after completion and follow-up of a lifestyle intervention: multiple regression modelling based on longitudinal data

Categorical variablesOcc.eng.aOccupational balanceQOL
  Activity levelWorkLeisureHomeSelf-careGeneral balance 
 BEL end3.2/1.1    0.3/−0.1  
 BEL end        
 Follow-up  −0.3/0.3     
Children/no children
 BEL end4.1/1.30.3/0.4      
 Follow-up 0.2/0.5      
Having friend/no friend
 BEL end   −0.01/1.0   6.9/6.2
 Follow-up   0.12/0.27  1.0/0.7 
Seen/not seen friend
 BEL end   −0.1/0.5   19.1/15.2
 Follow-up    0.3/−0.1   
Mood or anxiety/other
 BEL end1.4/3.8      16.4/19.0
Setting b
 BEL end       17.1/19.9
  1. a Occupational engagement. b Outpatient psychiatry or community-based day centres