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Table 1 Characteristics and components of Mission Papillagou program

From: Effects of a life-skills-based prevention program on self-esteem and risk behaviors in adolescents: a pilot study

 Day 1Day 2Day 3
In small groupsWith all pupils of classIn small groupsWith all pupils of classIn small groupsWith all pupils of class
Activity 1Activity 2 Activity 1Activity 2 Activity 1Activity 2 
Duration45 min45 min55 min50 min50 min55 min50 min50 min55 min
ContentRumorSocial pressureDebate: how to identify and prevent behaviors that affect social life; how to control impulsivityGenderCoping with frustration and angerDebate: how to develop trusting relationships and manage emotionsEncouraging othersBenefits of being a child, benefits of being an adultDebate: how to support each other, avoid risk behaviors, and deal with adolescence
Life skillsCritical thinking and empathyCoping with stress and emotionCritical thinking, empathy, coping with stress and emotionCritical thinking and empathyRelationships, coping with stress and emotionEmpathy, relationships, coping with stress and emotionRelationships and self-awarenessSelf-awarenessEmpathy, relationships, and self-awareness
  1. Notes. Each session started with an introduction of 25 min (Day 1), or 15 min (Day 2 and Day 3)