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Table 2 Pattern loading of the major factor solutions after promax rotation, taking alexithymia among these factors

From: Factors associated with alexithymia among the Lebanese population: results of a cross-sectional study

 Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
High social emotional awareness0.875  
High relationship management0.871  
High emotional management0.827  
High emotional awareness0.771  
Low emotional work fatigue0.759  
High mental work fatigue 0.883 
High perceived stress 0.720 
High physical work fatigue 0.703 
Low self-esteem  0.700
High suicidal ideation  0.647
High alcohol dependence  0.547
  1. Factor 1 = High emotional intelligence & low emotional work fatigue; Factor 2 = High physical and mental work fatigue & high stress; Factor 3 = low self-esteem, high suicidal ideation and alcohol dependence