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Table 1 Validation of the first version of the Q-SV 20 items by 335 expert reviewers in Social Work

From: A Sociodemographic variables questionnaire (Q-SV) for research on family caregivers of children with chronic disease

Validation of the 20 itemsRelevance (%)Utility (%)Permanence (%)Final decision
Sociodemographic variables of the caregiver
 City of origin of caregiver113141Eliminated
 Marital status657780*
 Years married193446Eliminated
 Number of children608078*
 Monthly household income9997100*
Sociodemographic variables of the children
Medical variables of the patient    
 Medical service665558Eliminated
 Amount of time hospitalized787070*
 Time since diagnosis827270*
Family variables    
 Family role of caregiver878695*
 Family type827169*
 Family life cycle928993*
 Support networks1009799*
  1. *Items kept in the questionnaire