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Table 1 Minding the adolescent in family-based inpatient treatment

From: Minding the adolescent in family-based inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa: a qualitative study of former inpatients’ views on treatment collaboration and staff behaviors

Main theme 1:
There are no ready-made solutions. Staff should facilitate collaboration by tailoring treatment toward the young person’s perspectives
Subtheme 1: It’s not always best to go by the book (N = 25)
Subtheme 2: Managing the balance between the symptoms and the person (N = 18)
Subtheme 3: Managing the balance between flexibility and firmness (N = 25)
Main theme 2:
Emphasizing skills that matter. Staff should display a non-judgmental stance, educate patients, stimulate motivation, enable activities and prevent iatrogenic effects during the stay
Subtheme 1: Beware of stereotypes and prejudice: cultivating respect and curiosity (N = 24)
Subtheme 2: Exploring and working with personal goals: strengthening the young person’s own motivation for recovery (N = 20)
Subtheme 3: Providing information and transferring knowledge in meaningful ways (N = 15)
Subtheme 4: Enabling a shift of focus by providing activities (N = 14)
Subtheme 5: Addressing and working with covert ED-behaviors at the ward: be attentive and preventive (N = 13)
  1. Numbers in parenthesis (N) equals the number of participants’ sharing accounts within each subtheme