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Table 5 Illustrations of “Predisposing life events”, by different clinicians (1 and 2), both matched (patient X) and mismatched (patient Y)

From: Psychodynamic case formulations without technical language: a reliability study

Patient X Clinician 1: Mostly attached to the mother. The father was authoritarian, somewhat remote, but shared many interests and activities with the patient. A stable, secure childhood.
Patient X Clinician 2: Grew up in a family with few open conflicts, but father’s authoritarian style seems to have affected the rest of the family.
The average similarity in this matched rating (4 raters) was 3.75, range 3–6.
Patient Y Clinician 1: Conflicted relationship to a harsh, authoritarian father. A younger brother had a closer relationship to the father. Mother was gentle and flexible and defended the children against the father. Mother became ill and the patient moved to relatives for 6 months when he was 2 years old.
The average similarity in this mismatched rating (4 raters) was 2, range 1–4.