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Table 2 List of topics emerging from the interviews

From: Association between fatigue, motivational measures (BIS/BAS) and semi-structured psychosocial interview in hemodialytic treatment

Topic 1. Level of illness pervasiveness (in daily life, during work or leisure time)
Topic 2. Experience in the hemodialysis unit (global evaluation of the relationship with the operators, the perceived quality of the medical services)
Topic 3. Exploration of the utility of the psychological figure within the hemodialysis department
Topic 4. Presence of psychological issues (amount of psychological disorders or troubles reported by the patient)
Topic 5. Quality of life assessment of the patient
Topic 6. Coping with hemodialysis treatment (seeking religious support, cultivating significant relationships, focus on job, cognitive activities, humor)
Topic 7. Heterogeneity of patient daily activities (amount of different activities carried out by the patient during the day)
Topic 8. Perception of the benefits of hemodialysis treatment