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Table 3 Means (M) and standard deviations (SD) of safe water collection, transportation, and storage behavior

From: The link between mental health and safe drinking water behaviors in a vulnerable population in rural Malawi

Behavior N M (SD)
Drinking water collection from safe well (self-reported) 621 3.97 (1.54)
Drinking water transportation and storage in a specific container with lid (self-reported) 172 (only owners of a container with lid) 4.27 (1.22)
  1. Note. Questions for safe water collection: How often do you collect drinking water from safe well? Observation for water storage: Can you show me a water container for water collection? Water transportation question: How often do you transport and storage water in a specific water container with lid? Measure ranged from 1 – I (almost) never do this to 5 – (almost) each time