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Table 2 ‘Kinds’ of psychological problems

From: A new conception and subsequent taxonomy of clinical psychological problems

TYPE I General Psychological Problems TYPE II Clinical Psychological Problems (CPPs) TYPE III Psychopathological Problems (Mental Disorders)
Normal ‘linear’ psychological reactions. Persistent undesired psychological reactions. Diagnosable psychopathologic conditions.
No PMCs identified (yet?). PMCs have formed. Breaking psychological PMCs may not be enough. Biological PMCs may also be operating.
Refer for counseling? Refer for clinical psychological therapy. Refer for psychiatric (and psychological?) therapy.
Grief reactions
▪ Acute stress disorder
▪ Anxiety states
▪ Life event stress
▪ Life transitions
▪ Adjustment disorders
▪ Personality difficulty
▪ Burnout
▪ Anxiety disorders (Panic disorder, Specific phobias, …)
▪ Depression
▪ Feeding or eating disorders
▪ Obsessive-Compulsive or Related Disorders
▪ Sexual problems
▪ Posttraumatic Stress Disorders
▪ Relationship problems
▪ Substance abuse/dependence
▪ Gambling disorder
▪ Sleep problems
▪ Personality disorders
▪ Prolonged Grief Disorder
▪ Schizophrenia
▪ Schizoaffective disorder
▪ Bipolar affective disorder
▪ Dementia
▪ Delusional disorder
▪ Autism disorder
▪ Seasonal affective disorder
▪ Post-viral depression
▪ ‘Third-day blues’
▪ Sleep-wake disorders