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Table 1 A list of the interview questions

From: The extended nervous system: affect regulation, somatic and social change processes associated with mindful parenting

1 How long have you been working as a mental health professional?
2 What does your role entail?
3 How did you become interested in Mindful Parenting?
4 What is Mindful Parenting?
5 What is the theoretical basis of Mindful Parenting?
6 a) How is the course structured?
 b) How many hours of training do they attend each week?
 c) What is the course content?
 d) What is done in the classes? Is it a combination of information provision, self-reflection and group therapy?
 f) What aspects of the group dynamics promote insight/behaviour change?
7) What are the crucial elements/the active ingredients of this program that promote behaviour change?
8) What psychological processes do you think facilitate behaviour change?
9) Share with us some examples of how it has changed your participants’ thinking, feelings, behaviour and parenting.
10 a) Have you observed any examples of how it may have influenced the participants’ children?
 b) Have you noticed any differences in the birthing process, birth weight and on the child as they grow?
11) Some of the change processes identified in the Mindful Parenting literature could be grouped under 5 headings: -
 a) Intention (Intentionality, Re-perceiving, Listening)
 b) Attitude (Non-judgmental acceptance, compassion)
 c) Attention (Attention to variability, attention regulation)
 d) Emotion (attunement, emotional awareness, affect regulation)
 e) Attachment (secure attachment)