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Table 1 Content of each online module

From: User perspectives on a psychosocial blended support program for partners of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and progressive muscular atrophy: a qualitative study

Psycho-education and exercises
 Information directed at the theme of the module with psychological exercises based on ACT
Mindfulness exercises
 Listening exercises to train conscious awareness and attention from one moment to the next moment
Practical information, tips and references
 A list of relevant websites, organizations and other sources of information and support associated with the theme of the module
Contact with peers
 1. Sending private messages using a personal profile
 2. Sharing tips and advice with regard to the topic of the module with fellow participants via a forum
Feedback of the psychologist
 After finishing a module, the participant receives feedback on the completed exercises, a reflection on the progress and a reaction to any questions or difficulties via a text message
  1. Abbreviation: ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy