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Table 4 Likelihood of using key elements when using a Dutch national approved ADHD guideline (instead of a protocol made by the own institution or a protocol made by the healthcare professional)

From: Guideline use among different healthcare professionals in diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Dutch children; who cares?

  Odds ratio 95% CI
Use of semi structured interview 2.1 1.1–3.7
Gathering information from a third party 1.7 0.5–5.7
Use of questionnaires
 CBCL 0.9 0.5–1.8
 SDQ 1.6 0.9–2.9
 AVL 0.6 0.3–1.2
Use of developmental history 1.6 0.6–4.2
Perform physical examination 2.6 1.1–5.9
Use of additional examination
 Neuropsychological tests 0.8 0.5–1.6
 IQ tests 0.7 0.4–1.5
  1. CI Confidence Interval, CBCL Child Behavior Checklist, SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, AVL ADHD Vragenlijst (Dutch ADHD Questionnaire), IQ Intelligence Quotient