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Table 3 Pearson’s Correlation Coefficients between the total and each MHSQ-J factor with the score of hypotheses testing measures

From: Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Mental Health Self-management Questionnaire among people with mental illness living in the community

  n Pearson’s correlation coefficients Cronbach’s α coefficients
MHSQ-J total Clinical factor Empowerment factor Vitality factor
SMS 236 .321b −.066 .365b .325b .77
SOC-3-UTHS ver. 1.2 237 .341b −.050 .361b .371b .81
SISR-B 236 .437b −.010 .519b .410b .85
FS-J 235 .538b .019 .578b .467b .85
WHODAS 2.0 217 −.296b .157a −.347b −.385b .86
  1. a < .05, b < .001
  2. SISR-B Self-identified stage of recovery -B, FS-J Japanese version of the Flourishing Scale, SOC-3-UTHS The University of Tokyo Health Sociology version of the SOC scale, SMS Self-management Skill Scale, WHODAS WHO Disability Assessment Schedule