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Table 1 Descriptions of measurement of outcomes/variables and its time line

From: Effects of adding psychosocial stimulation for children of lactating mothers using an unconditional cash transfer platform on neurocognitive behavior of children in rural Bangladesh: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Outcomes/variables Tools. Descriptions Time
Children’s cognitive, language and motor development Bayley III This tool was adapted and used in a number of studies by Chid Development unit, icddr,b [18]. Baseline and end line
Children’s behavior Wolk’s behavior rating scale This tool has been used in a number of studies by Chid Development unit, icddr,b [19] . Baseline and end line
Children’s growth WHO growth standards Children’s length/height, weight, Occipitofrontal circumference and Mid Upper arm circumference (MUAC) based on WHO guidelines Baseline and end line
Mothers’ depressive symptoms Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ-20) SRQ-20 questionnaire has been used in our settings and the result has also been published in peer reviewed journal [20] Baseline and end line
Mother’s self-esteem Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem questionnaire This scale has been validated (Illyas 2003 unpublished data) and used in our settings [21] Baseline and end line
Domestic violence Pretested Questionnaire Type of violence against mother, e.g. physical mental, perpetrator, etc. Monthly
Household food security status Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) This questionnaire has been used in our settings [18] Monthly
Health seeking behavior and health care expenditure Pretested questionnaire Health seeking behavior, e.g. type of health problem, providers, and facilities, and cost of health care etc. Monthly
Family Care Indicators Validated questionnaire Child development care and practice information. This tools was validated by our group [22] Baseline and end line
Monthly income and expenditure Pretested questionnaire Sources of income and expenditure Monthly
Mothers’ anthropometry WHO standard Mothers’ height, weight and MUAC Baseline and end line
Socioeconomic data Pretested questionnaire Socioeconomic background of the participants Baseline and end line
Cost data Pretested questionnaire Direct and indirect cost Last quarter of the study and at the end