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Fig. 4

From: The hidden identity of faces: a case of lifelong prosopagnosia

Fig. 4

Results for the filtered famous faces. Face stimuli were all shown in grey-scale and with peripheral features visible. The “original” condition consists of stimuli with no further manipulation; the high-pass filtered (HPF) version consists of faces which were filtered so that the edges of features are emphasized; the low-pass filtered (LPF) version consists of faces which were smoothed with a Gaussian kernel so that features are blurred and featural processing of faces is not possible. Each face has to be rated regarding familiarity, context and the person’s name has to be given. Results of the control participants are shown in blue (con), J’s results for famous faces she did not preselect are shown in red and J’s results for faces which she previously listed as being recognizable are shown in green (J*). Except for the familiarity ratings on HPF and LPF faces, where J’s performance is 2 SD below the controls, her performance on all tasks and for both preselected and not preselected faces was within the normal range. Picture of Barack Obama is in the public domain

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