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Table 1 Content of the baseline, diary and follow-up questionnaire

From: A dyadic planning intervention to quit smoking in single-smoking couples: design of a randomized controlled trial

Measures Baseline Diary Follow-up
Smoker Partner Smoker Partner Smoker Partner
Baseline information
 Socio-demographics X X     
 Smoking details and history X X    X  
 Quit attempt history X      
Primary & Secondary outcomes
 Number of cigarettes smoked X   X X X X
 Hiding of smoking X     X  
 Duration of abstinence      X X
 Perceived frequency of smoking-related conflicts (SRC) X X    X X
 Relationship satisfaction X X X X X X
 Smoking dependence X   X X X  
 Smoking now compared to before quit attempt      X X
 Details of partner contact    X X   
 Partner responses    X X   
 Partner responses to difficult moment    X X   
Exploratory outcomes and potential covariates
 Attitude towards smoking X X     
 Affect (PANAS) X X X X   
 Opinion partner about quitting/smoking behaviour X X     X
 Influence of SRC X      
 Perceived susceptibility X X    X X
 Perceived relatedness X X    X X
 Self-compassion towards relapse    X X X X
 Intention to quit X     X  
 Taking steps to go smoking    X    
 Use of smoking replacement    X X X X
 Difficulty quitting    X X   
 Adherence to planning    X X X X
 Helpfulness of planning    X X X X
 Conflicts not related to smoking    X X   
 Interference of quitting with relationship    X X   
 Details social contacts    X X   
 Interference of quitting with social contact    X    
 Other health behaviours X X     
 SRC initiator X X     
 SRC recentness X X     
 SRC pattern X X     
 Partner interaction questionnaire X X     
 Details most difficult moment    X X   
 Distraction from smoking    X X   
 Motivation to remain quit    X    
 Evaluation of diary    X X X X
 Self-efficacy to quit X   X X   
 Daily activities    X X   
 Role of smoking in break-up      X X
 Influence of plan on relationship      X X
 Missing smoking      X