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Table 2 Overarching themes and sub-themes

From: How group singing facilitates recovery from the symptoms of postnatal depression: a comparative qualitative study

Themes1 Sing sub-themes Play sub-themes
1. Activity mechanisms S1.1 ‘Authentic’ musical engagement
S1.2 New singing skills
S1.3 Singing outside of class
P1.1 Varied play activities
P1.2 New play ideas
P1.3 Playing outside of class
2.Psycho-emotional mechanisms S2.1 Singing feels good
S2.2 Singing time for mums
S2.3 Singing as immersive
S2.4 Singing as achievement and purpose
S2.5 Singing supports bonding
P2.1 Play feels good
3. Social mechanisms S3.1 Singing impact on babies (calming)
S3.2 Singing as part of group
S3.3 Singing supports routine
P3.1 Playing as part of group
P3.2 Play supports routine
P3.3 Play impact on babies
4. Environmental mechanisms S4.1 Calm and inclusive singing environment
S4.2 Importance of singing leader
P4.1 Calm and inclusive play environment
P4.2 Importance of play leader
  1. Note 1: Overarching themes are organised in terms of qualitative strength for the singing group. Sub-themes are organised into qualitative strength for the singing and play groups respectively