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Table 1 Overview of the Topics of the R&W Lessons in Year 1 and in Year 2

From: The effectiveness of Rock and Water in improving students’ socio-emotional adjustment and social safety: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Year 1 (7th Grade) Year 2 (8th Grade)
Lesson Topic Lesson Topic
1 Standing strong (Relaxation) 1 Refresh skills year 1
2 Standing strong together
(Helping each other in confrontation)
2 Breathing (Relaxation)
3 Physical and mental pressure 3 Body language
4 Bullying (Ignoring) 4 Peer pressure and bullying
5 Bullying (Walking away) 5 Peer pressure (Sexual autonomy)
6 Verbal communication 6 Responsibility and making own choices
7 R&W in school 7 Sexual autonomy (Boundaries)
8 Breathing (Relaxation) 8 Positive thinking and visualization
9 Body language
10 Personal contact
11 Experiencing, respecting, and setting boundaries
12 Experiencing, respecting, and setting boundaries
13 Intuition
14 Dealing with intimidating group