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Table 3 Evaluation frameworks of included studies

From: Systematic review of resilience-enhancing, universal, primary school-based mental health promotion programs

First author (Year published) Study Evaluator Indicators Pre-Asses. Process/ Implmt. Post-Asses. Follow Up Tools (See Appendix)
Malti. (2008) [36]
Study Researchers Development, resilience techniques, symptoms, relationships
Program implementation
  SRM-SF; Researcher-developed resilience scale; YSR
Sibinga (2016) [30]
Program Staff Mindfulness, psychological symptoms, anxiety, mood and emotion regulation, coping     CDI-S; SCL-90-R; MASC; PANAS; DES; STAXI-2; CRSQ; CSE
Kraag (2009) [39]
Learn Young, Learn Fair
Maastricht University students Stress management, coping, anxiety, depression   STAIC; DIC-SF; MUSIC; SPSI
Mishara (2006) [32]
Zippy’s Friends
Independent researchers Student engagement, mood, behavior and emotion regulation, coping skills
Program implementation
  Session reports; interviews; Social Skills Questionnaire; SSQTF; Schoolagers Coping Strategies Inventory; SSQSF
Clarke (2014) [33]
Zippy’s Friends
Researcher & Health Promotion Specialist Social and emotional literacy, social and emotional behavior
Program implementation
Emotional Literacy Checklist; SDQ; Program Fidelity Checklist
Dufour (2011) [34]
Zippy’s Friends
Undergraduate university students Coping mechanisms, socio-emotional functioning, perceived social support, classroom climate
Program implementation
  Observations; Session reports; Schoolagers Coping Strategy Inventory; Surveys; Socio-Emotional Profile; Social Support Scale for Children; Class Environment Climate Questionnaire
Holen (2012) [35]
Zippy’s Friends
Teachers & Study Researcher Coping skills     KidCope Questionnaire; SDQ
Clarke (2015) [31]
Zippy’s Friends
Study Researcher Coping skills, emotional literacy
Program implementation
  Participatory workshop; draw and write technique; vignette response feelings activity; brainstorming
Nielsen (2015) [37]
Child and Adolescent Health Research Group at NIPH Assertiveness, empathy, collaborative skills Anonymous Surveys
Caldarella (2009) [40]
Strong Start
Teachers & Research Assistants Internalizing and externalizing behaviors, peer-related pro-social behavior
Program implementation
  SSRS; Observations; Program fidelity checklist; IRP-15; Student Self-Assessment of Social Validity
Yamamoto (2017) [38]
You Can Do It! Education
Study Researchers Anxiety, Awareness of Social Support, Resilience     Spence children’s anxiety scale (SCAS), Social support scale for children (SSSC), Resilience in elementary school children scale (RESC)
  1. assess assessment, implmt implementation