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Table 1 Content intervention

From: A blended psychosocial support program for partners of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and progressive muscular atrophy: protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Part of intervention Topics Goals Key components
Face-to-face session • The care situation
• Wellbeing caregiver
• Information about support program
• Log in online modules
To receive information about the care situation and establish a relationship between the psychologist and the caregiver. To inform about caregiver burden and start online modules. • Psychoeducation
Online module 1
Coping with your emotions and thoughts
• Dealing with and expressing emotions
• Recognizing thoughts
To recognize emotions and encourage caregivers to allow, express and share emotions that can arise. To recognize dysfunctional thoughts and rumination. Change the way the caregiver relates to thoughts/to create distance from thoughts. • Acceptance
• Cognitive defusion
• Mindfulness
Online module 2
The art of communication
• Communication style
• Communication about sensitive topics
• Communication about providing care
To improve the overall communication and to communicate with the patient about sensitive topics and providing care in the future. • Communicating about what really matters
• Mindfulness
Online module 3
Your resilience plan
• Dealing with continuous stress
• Moments of relaxation
• Using your sources
To make a resilience plan that may allow caregivers to maintain health during this stressful period by taking care of themselves. • Acceptance
• Mindfulness
Online module 4
What is really important
• Values in relationship
• Values in life
To identify the values of the caregiver in different areas of life and to plan action to meet these values. • Values
• Commited action
• Mindfulness
Online module 5
Moments of joy
• Positivity during difficult times
• Celebrate the relationship
To seek, enjoy and cherish the positive moments in the relationship and in life. • Committed action
• Mindfulness
Online module 6
A good last period
• Life story of the patient
• Communication in this last phase
• Beautiful memories
• Being grateful
To create a beautiful last period with the loved ones and to make memories with the patient for the future. • Acceptance
• Communicating about what really matters
• Committed action
• Mindfulness
Telephone call • Any questions
• Finish the support program
To offer support with regard to any issues and close the support program.