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Table 6 The items of the SPWB. The selected items of the adapted SPWB of present study

From: Using Ryff’s scales of psychological well-being in adolescents in mainland China

AU1 I have confidence in my opinions, even if they are contrary to the general consensus.
AU2 I tend to be influenced by people with strong opinions.
AU3 Sometimes I change the way I act or think to be more like those around me.
AU4 My decisions are not usually influenced by what everyone else is doing.
AU5 I often change my mind about decisions if my friends or family disagree.
EM1 I am good at juggling my time so that I can fit everything in that needs to get done.
EM2 The demands of everyday life often get me down.
EM3 In general, I feel I am in charge of the situation in which I live.
EM4 I have difficulty arranging my life in a way that is satisfying to me.
EM5 I am quite good at managing the many responsibilities of my daily life.
EM6 I feel I do not have enough time everyday.
PG1 I am the kind of person who likes to give new things a try.
PG2 I enjoy seeing how my views have changed and matured over the years.
PG3 I have the sense that I have developed a lot as a person over time.
PG4 When I think about it, I haven’t really improved much as a person over the years.
PG5 I think it is important to have new experiences that challenge how you think about yourself and the world.
PG6 For me, life has been a continuous process of learning, changing, and growth.
PL1 I am an active person in carrying out the plans I set for myself.
PL2 I don’t have a good sense of what it is I’m trying to accomplish in life.
PL3 Some people wander aimlessly through life, but I am not one of them.
PL4 I enjoy making plans for the future and working to make them a reality.
PL5 When I think about the future, I feel hopeful.
PR1 I often feel lonely because I have few close friends with whom to share my concerns.
PR2 I find it difficult to really open up when I talk with others.
PR3 It seems to me that most other people have more friends than I do.
PR4 I know that I can trust my friends, and they know they can trust me.
PR5 I don’t have many people who want to listen when I need to talk.
PR6 I have not experienced many warm and trusting relationships with others.
SA1 When I compare myself to friends and acquaintances, it makes me feel good about who I am.
SA2 I like most aspects of my personality.
SA3 In general, I feel confident and positive about myself.
SA4 For the most part, I am proud of who I am and the life I lead.
SA5 Everyone has their weaknesses, but I seem to have more than my share.